When buying baby crib sheets, it might be easy to see why many parents look for the same quality and freshness that they would look for in their own. A fitted crib sheet and bedding should be completely safe, secure and comfortable. Because safety and comfort are our main priorities at Trendy Baby And Company, we like to ensure that all of the materials we use for our baby sheets are the best. That’s why we produce organic and 100% cotton crib sheets that will give your newborn the safest and most relaxing environment to sleep in. The sheets are organic because none of the usual pesticides are used in harvesting the cotton that they’re made from and no toxic chemicals pop up in any of the processes afterwards. So, when your baby is breathing deeply while they are wrapped up warm in their cotton quilt fast asleep, all that they’re getting from their crib sheet is the freshness, which hopefully will lead to a happier baby and a better night’s sleep for both of you.