Most parents will do everything they can to ensure their little ones get the levels of sleep that they need for good brain development and all the other benefits that it can provide. Sometimes, when conventional sheets are used with newborns, they can be likely to kick them off and grow cold, which in turn wakes them from their slumber. This is where a baby sleeping bag is especially helpful. We believe safety and comfort is of the highest importance. A great place to start when buying a newborn baby sleeping bag is with a natural cotton one that won’t contain any of the nasty chemicals that can often be present in the material making process. Discover an organic baby sleep bag which will provide a safe and comfortable night’s sleep, without the risk of extra wake up calls because the sheets have fallen away or have a look at our cotton baby sheets for a sheet that doesn't fall away during the night. When you choose the baby boy sleeping bag which is unisex so also baby girl sleeping bag from Trendy Baby and Company, you will immediately feel how soft it is to the touch.